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Our Mission

Led by the Holy Spirit, SCF is committed to being a visible presence of Christian love and unity, growing in faith in our Lord and savior Jesus Christ and witnessing this faith through service to the needs of the community and the world.

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Services held each Sunday
at 10:00 a.m. at the:

Holy Trinity Catholic Church
18143 Cottonwood Road
Sunriver, OR 97707
Contact a Pastor:
Office: 541-593-1183

Days: Mon,Tues,Wed & Fri
Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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Pastor's Letter

January -- 2018


 Dear Family,

2017 SCF Management Board Summary from outgoing President Patty Klascius

In wrapping up the 2017 Board year, I first want to thank the faithful and industrious members of our current board: outgoing member Chris Hamilton, who, in an effort to lighten our administrative pastor’s duties, took on the job of recording secretary for our Board this last year; with one year still to serve, Cliff Erikson, who served as the Board’s liaison to the Finance and Endowment commit­tees; and Joe Huseonica, who, as vice-president of the Board this year, will be your president in 2018. Joe served as liaison to our International/National Ministries chair and also was our External Communications liaison. In addition, he continues developing and guiding our Sen­iors Care ministry. With two years still remaining on the Board, Gene Bennington stepped up to be our facilities representative with HTCC, further lightening our adminis­trative pastor’s duties in that area. Dave Buhaly stepped up to be the Board’s liaison with our largest ministry, UP-CAP, as well as being our liaison to the Worship Commit­tee. Sandra Kendle became our liaison to Good News and our revitalized Membership/Welcome committee. In addi­tion our three ex-officio members, Senior Pastor Nancy Green, Associate/Administrative Pastor Rob Pearson and Board Treasurer Jenny Long contributed countless hours in their traditionally-defined duties to our congregation, and more. We had an engaged and productive board, and I thank you all.

As most are aware, budget monitoring and building is­sues continued, for the second year, to be one of our high­est priorities, as stewardship is one of the top responsibili­ties of any non-profit board. We modified our meeting dates to receive the most up-to-date monthly financial figures, and monitored them closely. We are projected as of this writing to finish in the black. In building our 2018 budget we were able to cover our anticipated increased operating and payroll expenses, and fund our 26 minis­tries (within Good News, National/International and UP-CAP) at the same level as 2017, based on the 2018 pledges, non-pledge contributions, and historical plate offering revenue, thanks to your generosity.

Our current lease with HTCC ends on Dec. 31, 2019. We entered into talks with HTCC which stalled early on, but we have been approached by their finance chairman this month (December), and expect to be able to in faith negotiate a new lease, easing our concerns about where we might be in the future. Our lease negotiating team con­sists of upcoming Board President Joe Huseonica, Cliff Erickson, Pastor Nancy Green and Treasurer Jenny Long.

With last year’s by-law changes, a new system of inter­acting with our various ministries and their programs was implemented. Working together, the ministry chairs and board liaison promulgated 32 Ministry descriptions, with lists of calendared tasks that each ministry per­forms in order to fulfill their duties. An additional 5 paid job descriptions were produced or revised (Administrative Assistant, Keyboardist, Handbell Direc­tor, Sound Technician, and Webmaster). The goal of this endeavor was to help with transitions of leadership when ministry chair and/or paid positions became open. It was a massive undertaking, but also helped to strengthen a relationship with the Board to the minis­tries and vice versa. I hope these documents will remain vital through at least annual updating.

We wanted to insure that both internal communica­tions with members (handled competently by Rob Pear­son and Jan Tuckerman through monthly newsletters, e-mails, bulletin announcements, etc.) and external com­munications (flyers, community outreach announce­ments, website, etc.) were current, substantive, and helpful. Appointed in September, new co-chairs for Ex­ternal Communications, Mark and Cindy McConnell, have gotten us off to a great start in our continued effort to become more visible in the community. I hope you saw their article in the December Scene (page 31). Rog­er Smith contributes his skills as our Webmaster.

Finally, as alluded to in prior paragraphs, the Board endeavored to re-allocate some of the many responsibil­ities of our administrative pastor, allowing him to con­centrate more on his areas of preference and great ex­pertise, namely music, education and scholarship. A Board member took over producing the minutes of the Board meeting; we appointed a Board member to be the facilities liaison with HTCC; we sought and obtained from volunteer congregants additional office help in “crunch” time, such as production of the annual report, etc.

My sincerest apologies for not being able to be with you at the annual meeting. It was the only meeting that I was not able to make this entire year, but the date was dictated by our by-laws and when the budget and year­end financials would be available. You will be in good hands with your 2018 Board.

In God’s Work,

Patty Klascius

2017 SCF Management Board President