Pastor's Letter

July-Augst -- 2019



The older I get the faster time seems to move. Events become compressed and what I thought occurred more recently actually happened a lot longer in the past. It comes as a bit of a shock to recognize that SCF’s Scholarship Program, Partnership in Education, will begin its 10th year this fall. Even more mindboggling is what this program has accomplished, far exceeding any expectation its initial leaders could have envisioned. At the recent Scholarship Fundraising Dinner in May, guests heard testimonials from three scholarship recipients regarding the program’s impact on them. All three have received their college degree and are actively pursuing their respective careers. Though each told a very different story regarding their upbringing and the challenges they faced to obtain a college degree, a common theme shared by each was their gratitude not only for scholarship assistance but more importantly, the personal support they received from the SCF family. One of them put it this way – “There is so much power in knowing there is a whole congregation who believes in you. That belief has inspired me to do my best. So, thank you again for your prayers, belief, and financial support. I couldn’t have done it without you all.” The Scholarship Committee received 13 scholarship applications this spring and 10 scholarships have already awarded. Three applicants are yet to be interviewed. Of the 13 applications, 5 did so for the first time and the rest is what we call “re-appliers.” SCF’s Scholarship Program is unique among many local scholarship programs in that anyone receiving a scholarship from SCF can reapply in subsequent years up to the completion of an undergraduate degree.

A personal interview with the Scholarship Committee is required of all applicants whether a first-timer or a re-applier. This permits the committee the opportunity to “put a face” to each application and hear a bit of the applicant’s story and future aspirations.

When recipients reapply in subsequent years, the interview becomes even more interesting. These re-appliers reveal a better self-understanding, what really interests them, and how various college courses, travel, and life experiences (love those roommates!) were helping them to define more precisely a career future. Being a part of that process is priceless, knowing as a committee that we’ve helped them in our own small way. The scholarship program has been blessed with good financial support from so many of you over the past nine years. As of this writing, we have awarded $20,400 this spring. Upon completing our final three interviews, it is likely that amount will increase to over $25,000. Based on that figure and what the program has already awarded over its previous 8 years, we will be very close to having awarded nearly $200,000 in scholarship assistance. Who could have imagined! In the June Newsletter, the Scholarship Committee announced a new Support-a-Student Program. If you are interested in participating or want more information, contact Pastor Rob – 541-593-1183 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you for your continued support of this impacting outreach effort.

Pastor Rob

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